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Then, in the current world, the professor must be apt to explore and to search ways for constant update, that propitiate the enrichment and renewal of the acquired knowledge already, mobilizing diverse to know and a reflexiva form to develop the practical professor. For Perrenoud (2002, P. 18), ‘ ‘ the challenge is to teach, at the same time, attitudes, habits, savoir-faire 1, methods and positions reflexivas’ ‘. Lakshman Achuthan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Moreover, according to author, is important to create surrounding of practical analysis of, surrounding ones of allotment of the contributions and reflection on the form as if: he thinks, he decides, he communicates and he reacts in a classroom. Also she is necessary to create surrounding professor to exactly work it on itself, its fears and its emotions, where the development of the person is stimulated, of its identity. .

Brazilian Association

The residues of the group and, generated by the services of domiciliary aid, they must be packed and be collected by the proper agents of attendance or person qualified for the activity, collected for the service of domiciliary, responsible assistance for the management of this residue. 2. Angus King : the source for more info. METHODOLOGY The methodology is a set of methods or ways that will be covered in the search of the knowledge. It can assume distinct characteristics, can be: scientific methodology, methodology of the research and still methodology of the scientific research, involving the methods of procedure boarding and the techniques (RAMPAZZO, 2002). Jonah Bloom is full of insight into the issues. As Blacksmith (2004) the methodology can be defined as an aiming and the instruments used for boarding of the reality, leading in accounts the characteristics of the phenomenon that if that to study. Previous the elaboration of the present project was organized a division between the team, in which the same ones had folloied the routine of the sectors of the surgical center, obsttrico center, center of after-anesthetical recovery (CRPA) and the central office of sterilization material (CME) thus observing possible existing problems.

By means of it I diagnosis mentioned situacional the intervention will happen in day 13 of September from the 13:00, during the period of the period of training, by means of the use of banner on management of the hospital residues, that will be displayed in the wait room, a strategical point therefore is the place where nurses, doctors, technician of nursing, assistant, stretcher bearers, team of hygienic cleaning, that is, all the professionals transit frequently, beyond not offering any risk of contamination to the patients taken care of in the sectors.

Social Reforms Within The Capitalist Framework

Although the ultimate goal was to establish a socialist or communist society without classes, have focused increasingly on social reforms carried out within capitalism. As the movement evolved and grew, the concept of socialism was acquiring different meanings depending on the place and time where root. To understand a little better this issue we can locate four key stages in the economic system changes through history. 1. Slavery: example Rome and Greece. The slaves were in charge of wealth for their owners do, to spend their workforce. So that would free men. These were under his command a large number of slaves.

Thus engaged in politics and science. A portion of the profits they obtained in trade. “Profitable? “Advantageous? Does not work if many things today? Orlando magnum 2. The large estates constituted the basis of the barbarian invasions, made up of duchies, kingdoms and other forms of the nobility and the feudal monarchies were established around the great castle and the protection of a powerful force of knights. The lord in exchange for submitting to the dispossessed using chains and the whip did so evening. The servants lived around the castle, was in the service of the landowners, could cultivate a piece of land to sustain his family and had to be ready for services requiring the feudal or outside in the castle, the estate or the militia, its core activity was dedicated to the Lord and the rest of time cultivating for their own livelihood, of their own and pay taxes, rents, tithes and other requirements.

Different Galaxies

In front of him should not be anything, including empty space, since it financially. Behind him an observer would see a hemisphere filled with galaxies, and our galaxy would be in the center of this hemisphere, in the limit to observe from a distance. All other galaxies, which he had seen from Earth, but now located in its new 'horizon', for it would disappear, as with respect to it would move faster than the speed of light, and light from them never came to be our observer. But they are not from that ceased to exist objectively! Returning immediately to Earth, he again would have found them in their places. However, there is no reason to believe that our galaxy in the universe is kind of special, the more central position. Rather, it is completely random, ie our position Galaxy with equal probability anywhere in the universe. Therefore, the observer, a journey to the "horizon" of the universe is likely to see a picture, not unlike the observed on Earth.

Ahead, on his way movements will appear more and more galaxies and their clusters, and the back will "go beyond the horizon," already seen them before. We should note one very important fact because the galaxy disperse uniformly accelerated, our observer anywhere in the universe would seem that it is his location is the center of the Big Bang. But this means that the true center of the Big Bang in the Universe exists, and that the Big Bang itself nothing more than an illusion.

Total Communication

The Total Communication includes in its structure all the linguistic forms: gestures bred for the children, language of signals, speaks, pray-face reading, manual alphabet, reading and writing. This boarding incorporates the development of any remaining portions of hearing for the improvement of the abilities of speaks or pray-face reading, through constant use, for a long period of time, individual auditory devices. Some authors (LACERDA, 1998; DORZIAT, 2005), however, say that the great problem of this philosophy is that to if trying to adjust the language of signals to the Portuguese language it finishes for occurring the mixture of two languages (Portuguese + Language of Signals), what it results in one third modality that is ' ' Portuguese sinalizado' ' , in which he occurs the introduction of grammatical elements of a language in the other and finishes for making impracticable the adequate use of the language of signals. The critical ones to the Total Communication had generated from the years 80 new quarrels on the communication of the deaf people in the school. (A valuable related resource: Economic Cycles Research Institute). Such quarrels if came back toward one another philosophy of the education of deaf people the Bilingismo. This theoretical boarding has as estimated basic that the deaf person must be bilingual, that is, it must acquire as first language the language of signals (L1), that the natural language of the deaf people is considered and, as second language, the official language of its country (L2). For that they defend the Bilingismo, the deaf person does not need to desire an equal life to the listener, being able to assume its deafness. The Bilingismo defends that the language is an important way of access for the development of the deaf person in all the knowledge spheres, therefore propitiates the communication of the citizen with deafness with its pairs and with the other citizens, giving it has supported to the thought and stimulating the cognitivo and social development.

EAD Distance

In the education in the distance the use is emphasized of miditicas technologies that serve of tools and/or didactic resources in the act to teach and to learn, becoming basic part to spread and to democratize the access to the knowledge. Miguel Armengol Houses affirms that The expression Education has in the distance covered an ample specter of diverse forms of study and educative strategies, that have the fact in common of that professors proximity of and pupil in places special for educative ends do not mark themselves by means of the traditional and continuous physical; this new educative form includes all the education methods in which, due to existing separation between pupils and professors, the interactive and daily pay-active phases of education are lead by means of the word mechanical and electronic printed and/or elements. (grifos of the author) (ARMENGOL 1982, p.51) The EAD, in this direction, is an innovative modality of education, where the use of the technology is a resource so that the teach-learning process can happen. For accomplishment of courses in EAD it has the environment construction virtual whose objective is to promote learning experiences. Beyond the definitions that emphasize the varied use of medias, author Fbia Magaly Vieira places in evidence the dimension ' ' aberta' ' that she is present currently in the modality in the distance. (…) the Open Education and in the distance is a process for which professors and students search the information, aiming at the construction of the knowledge from the experiences and the interests of both, in synchronous and asynchronous spaces and times, through a system of learning mediated for different ways and forms of communication. Thus, in the EAD, the interatividade between the involved actors indirect and it is mediatizada by a combination of technological ways and languages of communication. (VIEIRA 2003, P. 21) In this modality, the pupil is considered co-responsible by its process of learning, having constructed knowledge and developing relative abilities, abilities, attitudes and habits to the study, to the profession and its proper life, in the time and the place that are adjusted to it, without the participation, in integral time, of a professor.

Foreign Language

Surely, almost every one of us once in your life trying to learn a foreign language. At least at school. And for many of these attempts have ended in zero-sum? foreign language they do not learns. However, many sincerely like this do for one reason or another. Why? The most trivial explanation? not have the ability to learn foreign languages.

But is it really? May still cause the other? For example, a person personally does not fit the chosen method of learning the language. Or maybe just do not have time to study or not suitable schedule of classes. It happens that the person does not fit the teacher. There is such a thing as psychological incompatibility. Therefore, if identified the exact cause of failure, we can find an antidote, and language learning. In this article we will try to find an antidote to one of the most common causes of failure in learning foreign languages. The reason for this? improper technique.

Now the majority of methods of teaching in schools, colleges and even in traditional tutoring – teaching of students, though they all gathered to become linguists, that is a completely unnecessary for most details. Foreign language in most cases taught as the mother? with memorizing a set of grammatical rules, which for the ordinary user of language is not needed! We have a language and its grammar rules are not remember, and now foreign. Therefore, the most important thing? is to divide ordinary users of language and linguists.

Machinery Manipulation

According to Koch (2002, p.53): The contact with the texts of the quotidiana life, as announcements, acknowledgments of all the order, periodical articles, catalogues, medical prescriptions, tourist prospects, guides, literature of support to the manipulation of machines etc exercises our metatextual capacity for the construction and inteleco of texts. The act to read it makes possible advantages for and the individually social life, as Bazerman standes out (2005, P. 31): ' ' sorts emerge in the social processes where people try to understand ones to other co-ordinating activities enough well and sharing meanings with sights its intentions prticos' '. Marcushi 2 (1983, P. 12-13), cited for Koch (P.

14), also mentions the importance of the Literal Lingustica in this process. Considering that if it sees the lingustica of the text, exactly that provisorily and generically, as the studies of the lingusticas operations and cognitivas regulating and controllers of the production, construction, functioning and reception of written texts or you pray, its subject encloses the superficial cohesion to the level of the lingusticos constituent, the conceptual coherence to the semantic and cognitivo level and the system of presuppositions and implications the pragmatic level of the production of the direction in the plan of the actions and intentions. In short, the Literal Lingustica treats text as an act of communication unified in a complex universe of action human beings. On the other hand it must preserve the linear organization that is the strict lingustico treatment approaching in the aspect of the cohesion and, for another one, must consider the reticulada or tentacular, not linear organization, therefore, of the levels of felt and intentions that carry through the pragmatic coherence in the semantic aspect and functions. Thus, to read the most diverse materials is to be connected to the world, of it to get knowledge and with it to contribute when producing new knowledge, in this context appears another modality of reading, the reading in the Internet.

Pertaining School

Already in the Management of support services we have: organization of the documentation of the school in adequate place and to the disposal of the community; meeting with pupils for orientation how much to the conservation and preservation; they will mutiro with employees for cleanness, whenever possible; invocation of assemblies, when financial resources arrive at the school, to argue the necessities in the purchase of material; the rendering of accounts is displayed so that all have access to the information. In the Management of educational results, the pedagogical team must follow the professors? continuously – supporting, guiding, assisting and suggesting material of research; when it is necessary, knowing the index of exploitation of the pupils and its difficulties, allowing that it evaluates the actions planned for improvement in process teach-learning. Another instance student body is the Estudantil Bosom that must establish partnerships to take care of the necessity of the school, to share the experiences acquired through the existing medias in the school (periodical, radio, among others). Finishing, we find the presence of the Pertaining to school Advice who comes to legitimize the participation of all representatives of pertaining to school and local the community, being a collegiate agency whom they have as attribution to deliberate on administrative, financial questions and to authenticate the politician-pedagogical project of the school, as the proper expression of the educative organization of the pertaining to school unit, that will have to be oriented for the democratic principle of the participation. As Cury (2000) Advice comes of the Latin Consilium. In turn, consilium comes from the verb consulo/consulere, meaning in such a way to hear somebody how much to submit something to a deliberation of somebody, after a reflected, cautious balance and of good-sense. It is treated, therefore, of one verb whose meanings claim a way of double hand: to hear and to be heard.

Assisted Learning Video Course: Modern Method Of Knowledge

Efficient and rapid learning is an important tool in the fight for a place under the sun. Due to rapidly obtained new knowledge, along with experience in actively growing business, you can not only bring their quality, but also fundamentally secure a favorable position. In the fight on the battlefield, as in the new knowledge, solves all the time and tactical advantage. The optimum ratio of these indicators are gathered in a video course, giving the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in a short period of time, firmly fasten them in his own mind through strong linkages between theory and practice. By increasing the number of tools perceptual flow of information, video lessons, takes the system of knowledge to a new level. Education via video lessons based on the multi-channel acquisition and processing of information: number of video, audio channel, and interactivity, which consists in the independent exercise of practical problems. This is similar to the classical formula of well-established training, but with a range of some merits, such as browsing through a multitude of desired lesson learning and fit under its own regime.

The scope and subject matter produced training video today is fairly diverse and sometimes difficult to find the right material dispersed in the information space Internet. It should therefore be a comprehensive approach to familiarity with the upcoming purchase: read reviews for info products, explore reviews, testimonials from those who have already purchased the course interesting. The effectiveness of video training directly depends on the abilities of the creator of the course to explain abstruse things accessible language. The accessible information will be fed, the stronger will be fixed in the brain, the more useful it will be for the person to whom intended. In addition, an essential aspect of commercial significance in favor of knowledge. Currently, not enough to teach, you must also give the listener a reliable tool for earnings, which would each could easily enjoy. Realizing this, the authors guide the theme of their videokursom precisely on these requirements. Unfortunately, such moments as fraud, not yet found in the Internet space. Therefore, buyers who were deceived, should not only complain about the thematic forums, but must take joint measures to uncover fraudulent authors require additional safeguards when purchasing video course. Only thus can warn ourselves and others from buying low-quality product.